News March 2022 - October 2022

Pressure Reduction Valve

Great news, Ranch staff (Water Department) installed a new Pressure Reduction Valve (PRV) today. July 8th 2022. Early testing by Doug Harms indicates water pressure is back to normal. Not only for condo buildings 13-23 but the irrigation system as well. The old PRV was outdated and all indicators pointed to the PRV being defective. Credit to Doug Harms who first contacted the Ranch Water Department about this problem. At the request of Doug and Jeff, two days ago I made contact with the Water Department as well and found them polite and eager to work with us and fix the problem. There is more testing that needs to be done but right now I am thrilled to see the PRV was replaced and increased water pressure restored.

By-Laws Committee in Place

The 2022 By-Laws committee is inplace:

○ Craig Rous

○ Sue Hoidal

○ Dennis Walton

○ Gary Nichols

○ Kathy Boyle

Thank-you for volunteering to tackle this large task, we appreciate your assistance!

Solar Update

August 23, 2022

KBR Owners, as many of you know, damage caused as a result of the solar project has yet to be repaired. Doug Harms has been working on this and he just received a message from Ryan Tormay, Senior Project Manager for Rising Sun Solar. Mr. Tormay said in part "We are trying to set up and come out within the next 2 weeks if that works for you and the unit owners....Thank you for all your patience and we look forward to wrapping this up!" Please contact Doug Harms if you have work that needs to be done in your condo by Rising Sun Solar.

Locker Rental Policy

Connie Fox will be in charge of enforcing the new rules associated with our Storage Locker Policy. If you’d like to get on the waiting list for a Storage Locker, please email Connie at or call her at 408-310-7200.

2022-08 Locker Rental Policy

Our association has 39 rental lockers available on a first-come-first-served basis, one locker per owner. Requests to be added to the waiting list can be made by contacting a board member or the designated homeowner that has agreed to handle this for us.

When a locker becomes available, the top homeowner may waive the entitlement to the next applicant in line, should the locker be located too far away, or an undesirable size, etc., but will retain in the first position for the next available locker.

Owners of more than one unit may rent one locker per unit, but only if there is no one on the waiting list. In the event that an owner without a storage locker requests a storage locker, the additional locker(s) must be relinquished to the new applicant.

New Golf Carts

Bought three golf carts from a Mid Pacific County Club on Ohau to replace three worn out golf carts.

Long Term Parking

In an effort to create additional parking for buildings 17 - 23 we will be converting the Long Term Parking that is across the road, next to Ke Nani Kai to Active Parking. All Long Term Parking will be in front of buildings 10 - 12. So when you depart the island, please park your car in that parking lot. We strongly encourage a car cover on all cars in storage.

Owner Portal

Hawaiiana provides the security for the portal and authorization for users of the portal. Check out this short video which outlines the basic functions of the site. On the Portal, you will find:

Here's the Link to Sign-up for the Portal

  • Homeowners Directory

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Your Payments to Hawaiiana

  • Link to join the Owners at Kepuhi Beach FB Page.

Owner Portal

Pool Camera

The Pool Camera has been removed.


  • Created a Cloud Storage for all Documents pertaining to Kepuhi Beach Resort

  • Complete Website Redesign.

  • Organized with Hawaiiana to be notified when condo ownership changes

  • Created and sending Welcome letters for new owners, including the House Rules and request for contact information

  • Made homeowners aware of the Owner Portal provided by Hawaiiana

  • Created the Bi-Montly Newsletter and made it a more informative platform. Sending it via email to save money.

  • Collected 83% of the Homeowners email and Phone Numbers to improve communication when necessary.

  • Created Shared Contacts including Homeowner information for the Board and Resort Manager

Ongoing Ranch News

Ongoing Negoations with the Ranch

Pool Attendant

In light of several complaints by owners about violations on the weekends regarding the pool rules the board decided to hire a weekend pool attendant. Please join us in welcoming Jorae Mendiola-Robello in this new position.

When you go to the pool you’ll need to check in with her with your Name and Unit Number.

Here are the Pool Rules

Kepuhi Beach Resort Bulletin Board

Hunting Notice

Reef Toxic Sunscreen Ban

Bus Schedule

For Sale

Car For Sale