Kepuhi Beach Resort Condominiums

Aloha & Welcome

Kepuhi Beach Resort Condominiums are located on the beautiful west end of the Hawaiian island of  Moloka’i where you can  enjoy peace and quiet, beach front living, breathtaking sunsets, secluded beaches and kind people.    

The complex has 148 units, located in 21 separate buildings. Each unit is privately owned and many are available for long or short term rental.   

Corn Hole Game

The complex has a corn hole game that is stored at the Grills on the North Side.  The bean bags  are in a three gallon bucket.  Please take it out and use it.  If we have a rainy spell, please put it away on the lanai of 1171.  Thanks!

BUT  be sure to: 

Salt Spray

On December 18 there was a Kona storm that hit Molokai, giving us 3.5 inches of much needed rain. On December 19, the main storm had moved on, and there were light showers, but extremely strong Kona winds. (Kona storms and winds come from the opposite direction that we get used to in Hawaii. Trade winds blow NE and Konas blow SW. For Kepuhi Beach Resort, that means normally the winds blow off-shore, but during Kona winds they blow on- shore directly at the condos). Kahului airport clocked SW wind gusts up to 80 mph. At the summit of Mauna Kea on Big Island, gusts were clocked as high as 166 mph. This wind coincided with a large NW swell which kicked up the salt spray from breaking waves and came directly to the condos. Anything that was exposed to this received 'leaf burn' from the salt spray. The cottages, and buildings 23,24, and 25 were hit the hardest being the most exposed, but there is burn damage all the way up to the parking lots. This is not an unusual event, we just have not had a big Kona storm for a few years. Most plants and trees  will survive, but they will lose their leaves and look burned for a while. There are a lot of advantages to being close to the water, but this is one of the things nature produces where it is a big disadvantage. First the drought, then the deer, now the ocean. Lots of challenges to work through, thank you for your patience.