Aloha & E Komo Mai

Kepuhi Beach Resort

Kepuhi Beach Resort is located on the beautiful west end  of  Moloka’i where you can  enjoy peace, natural beauty,  beach front living, breathtaking sunsets, secluded beaches and the "aloha" spirit.    

The complex has 148 units, located in 21 separate buildings on 12 acres facing Kaiaka Rock and Kepuhi Bay.  

Come share the Aloha! Upcoming Events:

Board of Director's Meeting: March 6, 2023

Board of Director's Meeting: November 8, 2024

Annual Homeowner's Meeting:

November 9, 2024

A Touch of Molokai

A Touch of Molokai is located near the old Ohia Lodge restaurant and Kepuhi Beach Resort pool.   It is the perfect place to pick up cold drinks, sundries, and island inspired gifts and clothing! 

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