Guest Information


The Grills are new, as of January 2022!

Lighting Instructions for this Grill:

Turn on Gas Timer in Back of the Grills (20-40-60) Minutes

The Pool

Kepuhi Beach Resort is blessed to have an ocean front pool.  An  oceanside location would not be permitted by the county if someone tried to build one now.  Our oceanview pool boasts spectacular sunsets and our KBR pool is unique and special.

The Pool and the Pool Furniture is available for Kepuhi Beach Resort Homeowners and their Guests.  Because of it's premium location and proximity to the Surfer Beach there are alot of extra people trying to use our pool.  For that reason we have a Pool Attendant that works on the weekends,  they will ask for your Name and Condo number where you are staying.  Guests are not allowed to invite Guests to join them at the pool.  The maximum number of people that can stay in a unit, is the maximum number allowed at the pool (and BBQ Grills) for that unit.  

Check out the Pool Rules before you head down.

Washers and Dryers

Are located in Buildings 16, 20 & 24

They are coin operated and take only Quarters:

You can get quarters at the Office in Unit 1171

Each Cycle takes:

Washer - 30 minutes

Dryer - 60 Minutes

Please be prompt in switching your laundry and gathering your clean clothes as others are waiting to use the Laundry Facilities.

Kepuhi Beach Resort is a 

Non-SMOKING Complex:

The only place you can smoke, is at the smoking tables by buildings 13 and 22.  

Please be a responsible smoker and clean up after yourself

Getting Here and Car Rentals:


Molokai has one airline that services our Island  Mokulele Airlines   808-495-4188 

Flights come through Oahu or Maui.

Coming through Oahu - Look for the signs to take you to the WIKI WIKI Bus, which will take you to the commuter airlines.   

Coming through Maui - Leave the terminal, turn right, terminal is across the parking lot, in the opposite direction of the car rental building.  

Ground Transportation:

E Bike Rentals

Molokai E-Bike Rental  (808) 658-6366

Kepuhi Beach Resort Complex map

Map encompasses the entire layout of the former Sheraton Hotels property.   Plot is now divided with Kepuhi Beach Resort-owned buildings being shaded, with range of condo door numbers denoted for each building. Unshaded buildings are owned by Moloka'i Ranch, and are in various states of decay, being boarded up and safely secure. The swimming pool is maintained and available for condo owners, renters,and guests. 

Floor Plans:

Some of the upstairs Studio's have been remodeled and have a lofted bedroom.

A buildings

Those buildings that have the one bedrooms.  They also have the entry doorway coming in from the side.

B Buildings

Those that have the entry doorway coming from the front

C Buildings 

The Floor plans on the bottom right.

Vistor Infomation:

About Moloka’i

Moloka’i Climate Information

Moloka’i weather is wonderful year round, with temperatures averaging about 75°F and rarely going 6 or 7 degrees above or below. In winter (Dec. thru Mar.), the night-time temperatures may drop to the lower 60s and you’re more likely to experience a rainy day.

Spring, summer, and fall are all very similar with warm days (up to 85°F) cooled by the trade winds and pleasant evenings in the mid to lower 70s. However, on those days when the trade winds are calm, the heat and humidity will both rise a notch or two.

Climate data from the Moloka’i Airport. Measurements are prior 25 year averages.