Homeowner Meetings

Aloha Kepuhi Beach Resort Homeowners! A friendly reminder that our homeowner meetings are coming up!  Please consider joining us at the next two KBR Association meetings.  Looking forward to seeing veteran owners and meeting new faces  there! The dates are as follows:

Board of Director's Meeting: November 8, 2024

Annual Homeowner's Meeting:November 9, 2024


Aloha Kepuhi Beach Resort Homeowners,

The Legal team has approved the By-Law Changes and Hawaiiana wil be mailing the by-law packet to your home address the first week of April.  If you have not received your by-law packet, please contact Doug Jorge at doug@hmcmgt.com Please complete and return your packet to Hawaiiana so your vote can be counted. Mahalo for your cooperation! 

Landscape Committee

As you are probably aware, per the last newsletter, the current board has implemented the formation of a landscaping committee in order to assist our manager, Doug Harms, and crew in identifying and implementing landscape improvements. Bill Weaver is the Committee Chair.

As a warm up and effort to better understand the current condition and needs here at Kepuhi, you may see a few committee members doing some cleanup around the complex. This will not be typical of the committee’s activities, so if you’re interested in serving….don’t worry! 

First we will be doing some groundwork in identifying current standards, availability and appropriateness of plants, watering needs, workload effects, costs and other issues. We will be seeking owner input along the way, and will make every effort to address whatever ideas and concerns you may have. Once we have done the legwork we will be making prioritized recommendations to the board and it will then be decided by them as to how these will be implemented.

There are many things to be considered and we already know that in a complex this large we will not be able to please everyone…so please be patient with us.

Glass Louver Replacement Estimates:

Louver Window Measurements for each Condo type have been complied.   Leon Miller will be contacting Valley Isle Building Projects to give us an estimate cost per window.  Leon will contact homeowners  with those estimates so you can decide if you are interested in moving forward.  Homeowners are responsible for 100% of the cost  and installation to replace your Louvers with Glass Louvers.   The trick will be finding a time when the Window Contractor can come over and measure windows to place the order for you.   If you are interested in getting glass louvers for your unit, please contact Leon Miller at miyamoto.moore@gmail.com. Here is a link to the Glass Louver Policy.   These Measurements are not to be used to purchase Glass Louvers, just for estimates.

Glass Louver Estimates

Owner Portal

Hawaiiana provides the security for the portal and authorization for users of the portal.  Check out this short video which outlines the basic functions of the site.  On the Portal, you will find:

Here's the Link to Sign-up for the Portal

Owner Portal

Molokai Water Plan

Please check out the following sites to read the latest updates about the Molokai Island Water Use Developments

West Molokai Association

The West Molokai Association, is an association for all homeowners on the West End.  The Cost per household is $50 a year.  For more information check out their website.

Information for your Guests:

Policy's and Rules to provide to your Guests:

House Rules.

Lanai Policy

Guest Information < - Printable

The Guest Information  page has additional Information, please share it with your guests.

Keys for Emergencies

All Owners are encouraged to supply the Resort Manager with a key to their unit (for emergency access) that will be kept under lock and key. If no key is provided and an emergency arises, access will be gained by whatever means necessary and the Owner will assume responsibility for all costs. 

All Owners are encouraged to supply the Resort Manager with Keys to their automobile when left in long-term parking.

How to Collect Proxies

Here are the Steps to collect Proxies:

"For this proxy to be valid, the proxy must be received by the Association's Managing Agent or Secretary no later  than 4:30 p.m., on March 6, 2024. Proxies may be faxed to (808) 873-7423." 

Hawaiiana does not collect email addresses or phone numbers. The Board of Directors and the Secretary collect homeowner's email and phone numbers and have compiled a directory for your convenience.   You can find homeowner information in the homeowner's directory which can be found on the Condo Owners at Kepuhi Beach Facebook page and on the Owner's Portal on Frontsteps.  The best option is to mail your cover letter with a proxy to homeowners.  If you pay for the mailing and copy expenses, you can start collecting proxies at any time after you know the date of the meeting.  A word to the wise, the last proxy submitted for a unit (the date) is the one that will be honored.

The next Homeowner's meeting is March 6, 2024.

Our Hawaiiana account manager is Doug Jorg.  He can be reached by phone at 808-593-6395.

Pest Control

Pest control will be conducted on the last two (2) Tuesdays of every month (with the exception of holidays) allowing us to treat the entire property every month between the hours of 9:00am to 2:00pm.

2nd from the last Tuesday of every month:

Last Tuesday of every month:

The apartment and surrounding area will be treated by one of our crew members and accompanied by the Resort Manager or Security. This also includes refilling rodent bait stations around the property.

Provide a key for your unit to the resort manager. Having your access code is ok, but a key would be easier for the staff. If the staff does not have a way to access a condo unit or cottage, the owner will be required to submit a paid pest control invoice prior to the end of each month starting January 2023. You will be able to submit the pest control invoices to the resort manager.  However, it would be much easier to manage pest control with key access for the management.


In order to keep the resort looking uniform, the board has approved exterior roll-up sunshades are allowed to be used on lanais. 

The approved Product is made by  Coolaroo , in the color,  Walnut.

All shades must be the roller shade type with the hand crank capability for a convenient cordless operation.

When the lanai is not being used sunshades must be rolled up neatly. Sunshades must be kept in good physical condition at all times. Upper units should install sunshades so they are hidden by the overhang of the roof line when rolled up. Lower units must install them on the front-most beam of the lanai ceiling. 

Storage Lockers

Connie Fox will be in charge of enforcing the new rules associated with our Storage Locker Policy.  If you’d like to get on the waiting list for a Storage Locker, please email Connie at thefoxden@mac.com or  call her at 408-310-7200.  

2022-08 Locker Rental Policy

Our association has 39 rental lockers available on a first-come-first-served basis, one locker per owner.  Requests to be added to the waiting list can be made by contacting a board member or the designated homeowner that has agreed to handle this for us.

When a locker becomes available, the top homeowner may waive the entitlement to the next applicant in line, should the locker be located too far away, or an undesirable size, etc., but will retain in the first position for the next available locker. 

Owners of more than one unit may rent one locker per unit, but only if there is no one on the waiting list.  In the event that an owner without a storage locker requests a storage locker, the additional locker(s) must be relinquished to the new applicant.

Kepuhi Beach Resort Mailing      Address


KBR  will not accept your personal mail. Please have your mail sent c/o General Delivery at either the Maunaloa or Kaunakakai Post Offices, or, obtain a Post Office box at either location for your use. The postal service on island is very strict and will require Escrow documents or proof of condo ownership. There may be a considerable waiting list.

To ship personal items to your condo unit:

UPS and  FedEX ship directly to your unit, use the following address:

Your Name

252  Kepuhi Place  (your unit #)

Kepuhi Beach Resort

Maunaloa, HI 96770

 General Mail: 

The easiest way to receive Amazon or any other mail is to obtain a P.O. Box at any of the Post offices on island (Maunaloa, Kaunakakai, Hoolehua, or Kualapu'u.

Jay's choice:   I personally receive all of my island mail at the Kaunakakai Post Office which is the largest and most reliable! 

Please keep in mind that packages received at the AOAO office will not be delivered.  Mahalo for your cooperation!! 

Complex By-Law/Founding Documents Topics:

Weighted Voting

Weighted Voting: 

How are the HOA fees set up, why do the Cottage and One Bedrooms pay more than the Studios. The answer lies in the amount of voting power the units have.

Type #Units Vote   Total Common Interest

A - Studio 24 .6 14.4

A - One Bedroom 24 .8 19.2

B - Studio   84   .6   50.4

C - One Bedroom    16 _______1 ________ 16__

148 100%

HOA fees are directly proportional to the amount of voting power a unit has.

Due to the recent increase in Homeowners Fees it’s been brought up that the fee’s, and I suppose voting powers should be figured by unit square footage, because the upper studio units that have added loft bedrooms are not paying enough in the opinion of some owners.  However, in all fairness, the lofted units should then have an additional voting percentage as well and the lower studio percentage would have to be reduced to stay within 100 votes total.

We believe that there are 40 units that have a bed in the lofted area, there are 56 units that have permanent stairs to a second level in the unit, not sure what the second level is used for.  Does any unit that has a loft need to pay for that square footage even if it’s not a bedroom area?

A change to square footage would require a Founding Documents Change, which I’m told is a very difficult change and rather costly thing to do.

So what’s another idea to make HOA fees more fair is to have fee’s based on the amount of time the unit is occupied.  A large portion of our budget is utilities and the units that are occupied more use more electric, water and propane.  That would require Homeowners to report unit occupancy.  Unit occupancy would be very helpful to know when trying to figure things like water, electric and propane bill fluctuations.  Our complex was built like a Hotel, so there is currently no way to meter each unit without spending a significant amount of money to change our basic infrastructure.

There could be lots of ways to try to make HOA fees more fair, but as you can see it gets all very complicated very fast.   Enforcing our House Rules, Renovations rules and whatnot gets complicated very fast.  The goal of our current board is to try our best to apply the same rules to every homeowner.  We encourage your thoughts and hope that in the future you will consider running for the board and continue to improve the great complex we are all a part of.  

How the Complex Units Numbers are assigned

Have you ever wondered how the county assigned our unit number for our complex?   How Unit 2185’s county unit number is 16B11, me too. So here’s what I’ve found out from our Founding documents.

There are three building types in our Complex:

The Building Type is the third Number in the county numbering system. example - 16B11

So now that you know that, why don’t the building numbers line up.  Well, the county, started at Cottage one and then circled the complex.  The Building Number is the first two digits in the county numbering system.  16B11 

How do we number the last two numbers (16B11 ), well that’s done in the B buildings where the lower level units are 1 - 6 and the upper units are 7 -12.   The same applies for the A Buildings, the lower level units are 1-4 and the upper units are 5-8.

In all their wisdom, the Storage Lockers are assigned by KBR Building Number and then ABCD going from left to right, rather than right to left like the units are numbered.  I've heard, but have not verified that the Storage Lockers were originally used by the maids to store there equipment and linens.