You are at Kepuhi Beach Resort located on the West end of Molokai.

911 calls Maui, you'll need to call the Molokai Phone number in emergencies.


We have two AEDs on the property.  They are on the parking lot side of Building 24 near the pool and on the Lanai side of Building 17 at the office.

Call Push Shock   How to use AED's

Hands Only CPR Updated Method for CPR





     On lanai behind AOAO office (unit 1171)

     In between units 1242 and 1243

          Open unit, turn on, and apply as voice from the unit directs

Helpful Websites:


“WARNING” is the most dangerous and means the hurricane is about 24 hours away.

If you are here, cover the glass windows (with plywood, if possible) OR tape every 10-12 inches to prevent glass from flying if broken, especially on bottom floors

Fill bathtub, empty containers, waste baskets and garbage cans lined with plastic bags with water for use later if water supply is disrupted

Turn refrigerator up to high and do not open as it may be 3 days or more before electricity is restored (you may have 24 hours to prepare to evacuate and temperature will be at its coldest)

Evacuate to Molokai High School after unit is locked and secured, unplugging appliances and turning water off.

Take Survival Kit with you (see below) with three days of food, energy bars, etc


“WARNING” is the most dangerous level.

Head to Maunaloa School


Have ready to take with you in emergency (place in ice chest for storage) and save some for after immediate danger:

____ Portable radio with batteries plus NOAA weather radio (operates 24 hrs, 7 days/week, costs $20-$50 at online stores

____ Flashlights, batteries

____ Manual can opener

____ Matches in water proof container

____ First Aid Kit

____ 14 day supply of nonperishable food (change out as warranted)

____ Special medications, personal care items

____ Ice chest and ice packs

____ Water containers (2 quarts per person per day plus 2 quarts for sanitation)

____ Blankets

____ Clothing (if evacuated, grab long pants, jacket, good walking shoes)

____ Bleach and/or water purification tablets

____ Garbage bags, plastic bags with ties, toilet paper

____ Masking and/or duct tape for glass doors/windows as well as for shelter

____ Large plastic sheets (shelter, ground cover, rain protection)

____ Whistle

____ Moist towelettes

____ Car: jumper cables, car safety kit (flares, etc)

Additional information and planners are available in the AOAO office, Unit 1171