Enjoying Molokai


Kepuhi Beach

Pohaku Mauliuli Beach aka Make Horse Map

Kapukahehu Beach – aka Dixie Maru Map

Kepuhi Bay

Places to Eat

Paddler's Inn is a sports bar and family friendly.  They generally provide music on Friday around 7 PM.   

Hiro's Ohana Grill

Hiro's Ohana Bar & Grill at Hotel Molokai.  Hiro's restaurant has nightly local Hawaiian musicians playing traditional  Hawaiian music. Amazing sunset view while dining right on the water.  Most upscale restaurant on island, but not too expensive. 

Molokai Burgers

Much more than a burger joint.  Molokai Burger serves Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner  –with great fried chicken, sandwiches, salads, burgers, fries and a nice breakfast.

Located on the on the corner of Kaunakakai and main street.

Molokai Pizza Cafe has quite a diverse menu, plus they have air conditioning.  Cash Only.

Pacific Eatery and Market

New Restaurant, just opened in 2023.  They are open 7 days a week, 10AM  - 3PM with Sunday brunch and live music.

Located behind the Post Office

Fast Food and Plate Lunches - on side street, by the Mini-Mart across from Take's.

Ono Dogs 

Cart vendor downtown. Hot dogs and Snacks - Cash Only

Fish Wagon

Next Door to Molokai Fish and Dive in town.  Take out or there are Picnic tables behind to eat there.  Open Wednesday - Saturday.  Usually have fresh fish.

Mana'e Goods and Grindz

Plate lunches and snacks.  Only place to stop on the east end at Mile Marker 13.

Big Daddy's

Has local cuisine in town, across from Misakis Grocery Store

Friends & Coffee

In Kualapuu, a couple doors down from the furniture store.  Sandwiches and custom beverages.

Kanemitsu Moloka’i Bakery

A Molokai landmark.  On the main street of Kaunakakai.  They also have hot bread after 7:30 PM in the back alley, all nights but Monday.

Things to Do

Your Halawa cultural adventure will begin when you meet your guide. He will then lead you on foot, through private family owned property where you will witness a traditional Hawaiian protocol. This presentation will give you a better understanding of this sacred place and the host culture.

The Path to hike, or ride to Kalaupapa is currently closed, the only option at the current time is to take a flight to the peninsula.  Kalaupapa is the location where in the 1870's patients afflicted with Hansen's Disease (Leprosy) were exiled too.

During Whale season (November - May) Molokai Fish and Dive has whale tours.  We also have snorkel tours.

Humpback whales visit Hawaiian waters each year from November to May with the peak of the season being from January to March.

Hallelujah Hou Fishing

Fly fishing on the flats


Molokai Ocean Tours 

During whale season, very limited number of people per tour.

Requires a 4-wheel drive, challenging driving, but so beautiful on a clear day.

Soft Top Long Board for Rent at Kepuhi Beach Condos

Ironwood Hills Golf Course

Groceries and Shopping

Main street right side Hours 8:30 - 8:30 Monday - Saturday. Sunday closes at Noon.

Misaki’s Grocery and Liquor

Main street, right side. 

Maunaloa General Store

New Business in Maunaloa.

Fresh organic fruits and vegtables . Tuesday - Friday 9-4. Take the main road into town and turn on the first paved road before you see the airport. 

Fresh grass fed beef where they butcher the island livestock. Just past the coconut grove when leaving town on 460.   They have beef and pork (sometimes Axis Deer) .  Open Monday - Friday 9-4.

Fresh organic fruits, vegetables and meats. A one stop shopping for natural foods. You order on Monday or Tuesday and then pick it up on Friday.

They bring their products to Kepuhi Beach Resort on a weekly bases. Check the store down by the pool for dates and times. In the winter months, you can pre-order what you'd like and pick it up when they are on the premises.

They will bring in your favorite wine, if you can buy it on Maui, they can bring it in for you. It will take about a week for your order to arrive, so order before you arrive. They also offer great cheese and speciality food items. Open until 9PM.

Molokai Mini-mart

Similiar to a 7-11, on the 1st side street in town. Open until 11PM most nights. Only option for food/alcohol if you come in late.

Kaluapuu General Store

Open Monday - Saturday until 6 PM, located next to Cook House.

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